We guarantee an excellent quality, respect for employees and environment, as well as professionalism and flexibility in serving our clients’ needs. Our products contain only natural ingredients, and are manufactured from top quality cotton wool.

Our innovative Cotton Plus line includes our Classic Cotton Plus products and our patented Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 Line. Our continued research and attention to market’s evolution steadily push us to develop new products which correspond with our customer’s needs.


It is not necessary to combine any other make-up removal product: just add a small quantity of clean water to activate the make-up
removal and beneficial cosmetic actives of Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1

It is not wet and it gets activated with water only when you need it: Hence, once opened, it does not dry out, does not lose its fragrance, and it retains its properties until the last pad

100% natural and hypoallergenic, clinically tested, nickel tested, alcohol-free, paraben-free

Suitable for all types of skin: ideal for make-up removal and to correct make-up smudges

It takes care of your skin since it is rich in nutrients with several beneficial properties

It is compact and perfect to carry with you all the time

It does not contain ingredients of animal origin and it has not been tested on animals